Soviet Postcards (pt. 3)

We purchased hundreds of Soviet postcards from Eastern Europe. They belonged to a collector who loved cities throughout the Soviet Union. These postcards were sold in packets titled 'Cities of the USSR' (города СССР).

These photos give an eerie look into the everyday life of a country that no longer exists.

Pre-Instagram, it was postcard. This was the dominant way people shared images of things they found beautiful or interesting.

Many of these images do not exist anywhere else. We went through the labor of digitalizing them one by one. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Novosibirsk (новосибирск)

  • Orel (Орел)

  • Rostov-on-Don (Ростов на Дону)

  • Rybinsk (Рыбинск)

  • Samara (formerly Kuibyshev/Куйбышев)

  • Saransk (Саранск)

  • Tolyatti (Тольятти)

  • Tver (formerly Kalinin/Калинин)

  • Voronezh (Воронеж)

  • Yaroslavl (Ярославль)

  • Varied

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